5 ways to choose best between ProtineX or Horlicks protein +
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5 ways to choose best between ProtineX or Horlicks protein +

Are you confused which to choose ProtineX or Horlicks protein +.Today I am going to review one of the biggest controversies in the Indian protein product market. I am sure after reading this article you must clear all your doubts and misconceptions.

NOTE:- This research is based upon best nutrition experts.

PROTINEX – A health drink for a healthy lifestyle

Protinex is one of the oldest protein product in the Indian market and it has created a big trust in the market that no one wants to purchase other product.

So let’s find out is it still the best option:

1. Serving –

Protinex contains a lot of different types of vitamins like vitamin A/D/C/E and many more minerals. If we talk about the main ingredients.

  • serving per 100g it contains:
  • Energy- 367kcal
  • Protein- 32g
  • Carbohydrates- 57.5g
  • Sugar- 31.9
  • Fat- 1g
  • Serving recommended by the company per 25g (2-3 headed spoonfuls)
    1. Energy- 92kcal
    2. Protein- 8g
    3. Carbohydrates- 14.4g
    4. Sugar- 8g



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 2. Protein Source –                             

All the protein in Protinex comes from soy isolate. which is not too good as soy isolate didn’t digest easily in our body so we can’t say we can take it after the workout.

  • So when to consume and how?

As it is not easily digested able it is recommended to take at night for body recovery. As per guidelines by the company it is recommended to take with hot milk.     

   3. Price –

If you want to buy 400g of a package it cost around 530-550. Which I think little-bit costly. If you want to buy visit this site.

   4. Pros –

  • If you are skinny you take this because it contains lots of carbohydrates as compared to the protein which helps to increase weight.
  • If you are student or beginner in the gym and don’t want to spend to spend too much money you can use it.

5. Cons – 

  • It contains lots of sugar so not recommend for a diabetic patient.
  • Not a lean source of protein( lots of carbs and sugar which are not good for health).
  • Not for people allergic to soy and peanut.

Horlicks Protein Plus – A health drink for a healthy lifestyle

Horlicks protein plus is new product launched by Horlicks company. It is new so most people are not aware of this.

1. Serving:

The serving is almost same as the Protinex almost same vitamins and minerals

  • serving per 100g it contains:
  • Energy- 365kcal
  • Protein- 33g
  • Carbohydrates- 56g
  • Sugar- 29.3g
  • Fat- 1g


  •  Serving recommended by the company per 25g (2-3 headed spoonfuls)
  • Energy- 91.5kcal
  • Protein- 10g
  • Carbohydrates- 14g
  • Sugar- 7.3g

Almost same serving but little bit more protein in this and less sugar as compared to Protinex but still very high as per need.

triple blend
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2.  Protein source:

It is triple protein blend contains three types of protein whey concentrate(30%), soy isolate(8%), casein(1.1%) which is the best thing I found because it contains whey concentrate which digests easily and also contains three main amino acid.

  1.  Lucine
  2.  Methionine(good for fat loss)
  3.  Lysin(good for muscle growth)
  • So how to consume and when?

If you go to gym use this with water because of its fast-digesting properties and taken as a post workout.

3. Price:

If we compare the price with Protinex the price is little- a bit less around 470-490.

If you want to buy visit this site.

4. Pros:

  1. Contains fast digesting protein so it can be used as a post workout with water.
  2. Cheap as compared to other protein supplements (not comparable with whey protein).
  3. Can be also used allergic person because of less amount of soy isolate and high whey concentrate.

5.  Cons:

  1.  It also contains lots of sugar. Which is not good for the diabetic patient.
  2.  Not a lean source of protein.

By comparing both of them I will recommend you Horlicks protein + because it contains triple blend protein as well as a little bit cheaper than Protinex.

Still, if you have any doubts you can ask me in comments thank you.

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  1. Can you please tell me what you take in your diet and why you select those materials for your diet

    1. Hy Jatin,
      I am glad you ask this question, we will soon post some fitness diet plan on our blog if you want to know what I take in my diet feel free to personally contact me or mail me at hardikdudeja7@gmail.com.

  2. Hi…..what about amul pro? Protein is only 8g. But it’s only 160rs.

    1. Hey Suseel
      First thanks to you for asking this question because so many young gym boys have doubts about Amul Pro.
      After doing research I found that it’s not a good product for those who go to the gym every day. Reason
      1. Very high in carbohydrates (85gm per 100g)
      2.Very low protein content as compare to carbs(8gm protein per 100g)
      3. Very high carb to protein ratio which means not good if we compare nutritinal values with protineX and horlicks protein plus

  3. Which option is best for to increase weight and muscles both.

    1. I will recommend you to go for Horlicks Protein Plus
      why to choose?
      1. High in protein as compared to ProtineX.
      2. Cheap
      3. Contain whey as well which is much better than soy protein.

  4. I am not going gym and i am a student or i want gain weight or fat. What am i do. Then for whom should i go for

    1. Hy Arun
      To Gain weight what you have to do is to gain muscle mass, instead of thinking about fat.
      if you don’t go to the gym, try to join or if you don’t want to go to the gym try to add on some game in your lifestyle because physical activity is must once a day.
      Talking to about weight Gain just eat more and more carbohydrates but with good fats and healthy carbs, not junk food kinda things.
      if you add some physical activity your body will absorb the nutrients and you can gain weight naturally.
      If you want any personal training you can mail us or even contact us on any other social media platform.
      we have certified trainers that can help you to grow faster.
      instagram- Buildingmens
      facebook- Buildingmens
      Mail- buildingmens@gmail.com

  5. Horlicks protein plus or proteinx. Of these products is there any side effect or not.

  6. Hi there! Such a wonderful article, thanks!

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