10 Proven Scientific Tips To Get a Better Sleep Like Baby

10 Proven Scientific Tips To Get a Better Sleep Like Baby

10 Proven Scientific Tips to Get A Better Sleep Like Baby

Are you the one who is not able to sleep at late nights?But from inside you really want to sleep. we all know that sleep is like a workout for our mind. So today I am going to tell you some pro tips to sleep like baby and I assure you it will work for you.

1. Manage Thoughts To Sleep Like Baby

write your thoughts

Sometimes some thoughts are bugging in your mind which don’t allow you to sleep and become the biggest distraction of your sleep.

So what is the solution?

Simply grab a notebook just write it down whats bugging in your mind, it makes your mind clear and relaxes your brain cells and I assure you will not get back to those thoughts again.

2. Say no to smartphones to sleep like baby

 sleep like baby

You love your smartphone but it effects your ZZZ’s. Today we are addicted soo much to our smartphones that we feel incomplete without them. But it is the biggest cause of insomnia.

Smartphones reflect blue light to our eyes which is an indication to our brain to stay awake so when we use smartphones we don’t feel sleepy

Solution– solution to this problem is just to place your phone in another room, don’t place it on your bedside table the temptation is always there and also you can you airplane mode if possible.

3. Choose Right Pillow to Sleep Like Baby

always prefer firm pillow

Sometimes we feel neck pain after sleep it’s because of the wrong choice of pillow. According to research firm pillow is better than a softer one and helps to relax the neck muscles. So next time, if you want to buy new pillow, prefers firm pillows.

4. Avoid Caffeine To Sleep Like Baby

avoid caffeine in late evening

Caffeine(mainly in coffee) is used by 90% of the US population.

A single dose of it enhances our performance throughout the day.

But if it consumed late at night before 6 hours of bed it will disturb your sleeping habits. So if you drink coffee daily try to drink after bed it will be beneficial for you and didn’t harm your sleep cycle.

5. Listen Music To Sleep Like Baby

avoid caffeine in late evening

Music has the power to get a good sleep. It lowers our heartbeat and breathing rate. When we listen to the music our brain releases dopamine chemicals which helps to get a deep sleep.

6. Reduce Daytime Naps To Sleep Like Baby

avoid day naps

Daytime naps didn’t harm your sleep but it should not be more than 30 minutes.

Some researches proved that if you nap more than one hour it will damage your sleep cycle. If you are daily day napper and find hard to sleep at night make sure you reduce your nap time.

7. Lowering room temperature to Sleep Like Baby

lower room temperature

It has been scientifically proven that lowering the room temperature helps to get sleep.

In summer, when its too warm you see its hard to get a good sleep as compared to winters.

The best temperature for your body is around 20-degree Celsius, so make sure you maintain your room temperature.

8. Avoid Late Night Exercises To Sleep Like A Baby

avoid late night exercises

According to scientific research, it has been found that those who do daily exercise in the daylight get 41 minutes more sleep than normal human beings.

But those who do late night exercises may affect their sleep.

Because when we do exercises our nervous system is activated sharply for around 5 hours so when we try to sleep within these hours our sleep may be disturbed.

9. DIY To Sleep Like Baby

There are so many techniques to get a good sleep like:

·  Blink your eyes for 60 seconds

blink your eyes for 60 sec

This technique will make your eyes tired after some time and give an indication to your brain that its time for sleep.

·  Inhaling through the left nostril

yoga for sleep

This is the yoga technique used for calmness and to reduce blood pressure.

To perform this lay down on your left side of your body and inhale through your left nostril and exhale through right.

This is very helpful if you are overheated.

10. Creating a sleeping environment for good sleep

To get a good deep sleep you have a make a suitable environment for your body.

·  Wear comfortable clothes during the night

wear cotton clothes

Try to wear loose cotton clothes while sleeping because as compared to other fabrics they are most comfortable.

·   create a dark environment while sleeping

dark enivorment for sleep

Another factor that helps in sleeping in the dark environment. Blue light intrusions occur due to LED bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs,

experts advise to dim the light while sleeping and keep your environment as dark as possible.

so these are some tips which will help you to get a deep sleep at night.

If you still have any doubts feel free to ask in the comment.




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