How To Determine Your Face Shape In 5 Easy Steps

How To Determine Your Face Shape In 5 Easy Steps

How To Determine Your Face Shape In 5 Easy Steps

Today every fashion expert and hairstylist will give you the advice to have things based upon your face shape. But no one will tell you how to know your face shape so we are upgrading you to check your own face shape like a perfect face shape detector. You know very well that not every fashion tip and hairstyle will suit everyone it’s because of face shape.

so follow these 5 easy steps to know your face shape.

Step 1 The Right Tool To Measure The Face Shape

measuring tape


Like a warrior need a strong sword same here you need a measuring tape to win the game. You just need to have a flexible tape mostly used by tailor.

After arranging tape you just grab a notebook in front of a mirror and note down the following measurements in upcoming 4 steps.

Step 2: Take The Measure Of Your Forehead

The first measurement to check your face shape is to measure which part of your face is longer and which is short.

we first start from the forehead measurement. Measure the widest part usually along the halfway between your eyebrows and headline of the face.

face shape detetor

Step 3: Take The Measure Of Your Cheekbones

The length of cheekbones defines which hairstyle will suits you the best. Take a measure from the outer corner of one eye to another one.

Just make sure you don’t bend too much tape across your nose if you have longer ones.

faceshape detectot

Step 4: Take the Measure Of Your Jawline

If you have a nice jawline like Justin Baldoni then you might be the super dude.

Take the measurement from the starting point of your chin up to where the jawline upward angles end just below your ears.

then multiply the measurement by 2 of course, you have jaw on another side of the face also.

if you don’t have jaw on other side means you are not human.

faceshape detector

Step 5 Take The Measure Of Your Face Length

To measure the face length just start from the centre of your hairline from the forehead and bring up to where your chin ends.

Your face length can make a massive change in your face type.

faceshape detector
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Final Work: Determine Your Face Shape

I hope you note down all above 4 measurements and now you just have to compare all of them below.

Oval Shape Face:

Face length is greater than your cheekbones. Forehead length is greater than your jawline.

The angle that jawline makes is little bit rounded not too sharp.

faceshape detector
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Square Shape Face:

All the measurements are almost the same as oval face the big difference would be the angle that your jawline makes is too sharp not rounded.

Rectangle Shape Face:

Face length is greater of all and forehead, cheekbones and jawline length are almost the same.

Round Face:

Here we find the length of cheekbones and face length are same and greater than the length of the forehead and jawline, which are having the same measurement.

The jawline is not too much defined and have a soft angle.

Triangular Shape face:

Length of jawline is greater than the cheekbones and length of cheekbones is larger than the forehead length.

Heart Shape [soliloquy id=”0″]Face:

Forehead measure is greater than all the measurements and the chin is pointed.

So here is the final guide of all face shapes and I think you can now even detect your face better than the face shape detector.



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