Top 10 Ways To Dress Well As A Skinny Man

Top 10 Ways To Dress Well As A Skinny Man

Top 8 Ways To Dress Well As A Skinny Man

Are you a skinny guy who is sometimes confused and don’t know which outfit is best for you and how not to look too skinny. so this article is for you man. It is not easy for skinny guys to get weight and gain mass and muscles so we bring some smart hacks for you to look bigger and get the best out of you.

1. Wear Shorts Underneath Your Jeans

wear short underneath jeans

The most basic problem that so many skinny guys are facing is unfitted jeans. If you have too skinny legs its hard to find the perfect pair of jeans. So the simple and the best solution I found is that try to wear shorts under your jeans.

why shorts?

It will create volume in your thighs and your legs don’t look too skinny.

2. Try To Layer Clothes

best things women love on men

The layering of clothes creates the best illusion and make you look bigger. It’s very common that if you layer clothes you look bigger and more stylish and I think it is the best advantage for skinny guys to layer clothes without being concerned that you look like a snowman or too heavy.

You can layer sweaters, jackets and wear a shirt with a t-shirt.

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3. Wear Fit Sleeves

wear fit sleeves

It’s hard for skinny guys to get mass and muscles on arms and you know your arms are one of the attractive parts which define your muscularity. so try to wear fit sleeves and I bet it will change the whole game. Even little bit of loose sleeves make your arms look small so never wear loose sleeves.

4. Wear Light Colours

wear light colours

According to research, it is found that you look more skinny in dark colours because this is the psychology of colours. so make sure you always try to wear light colours like white, offwhite and try to avoid colours like black and dark blue depending on the psychology of colours.

5. Avoid Too Many Accessories

If you are the skinny dude you make sure your accessories are not too heavy because it will contrast your skinny look and you skinny look is get attracted more which I think you never want to highlight.

Avoid wearing heavy watches and bracelets and try to minimize your accessories.

6. Wear Clothes Which Built Up Shoulders

wear shoulder fit clothes

Your shoulders place very important role to define your body type. Wear clothes that make your shoulders look broader.

so the simple trick is again fit clothes. you can also try jackets, blazers which have extra padding on shoulders and helps you to look broader.

7. Roll Up Your Sleeves

roll sleeves for skinny guys

Rolling up sleeves make your arms look bigger and I have also written in one of my articles that rolling sleeves make you look sexy and mostly one of the attractive look girls also like. So rolling sleeves will boom your outfit and also the make your arms look bigger.

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8. Fill Up Muscles

skinny guys
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All these 7 tips and hack I mentioned above are just a temporary solutions and you can use them smartly but in the end your final goal is to put muscles and mass on your body. It’s only the permanent solution which will make you sexy in every outfit you want to wear.


It doesn’t matter you are skinny, short or too heavy the most important thing is you must love yourself.

talking about these hacks and tips you can use them wisely and smartly.


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