Do You Think Men Shave Their Legs? | What Women Think
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Do You Think Men Shave Their Legs? | What Women Think

Do you think men shave their legs?

Different people have different opinions on this topic. Many of us say no, a big no to shave because some of us think that hairs are the symbol of being ‘A real man’. But having a jungle of hair on your legs or on any other body part is also not a symbol of being a Man.

Numerous researches have been done on this topic. A recent research was done by

did you think men shave their legs?, buildingmens
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They created a poll of around 650 men on facebook. The result was literally astonishing.

They found that around 33% of the men didn’t like to shave legs cleanly but preferred to trim down the hairs using a trimmer. Around 15% of them prefer to shave legs cleanly and they think their is nothing weird about having cleanly shaved legs.

But around 51% of them don’t like to shave their legs at all, as they find its weird to remove the hairs of legs and have silky legs.

Similarly, also conducted a poll on women and asked them what do you think about guys shaving their legs?

did you think men shave their legs?, buildingmens
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Around 30 % of the women like “a man who trims down their leg hairs using trimmer” and around 22%of them like “men who have clean shaved legs”.

Above half of them like men who take care of their legs hairs and grooms them well.  So, now you decide what would you like to do.

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Even Aaron Marino, one of the greatest Youtuber, who has lots of knowledge about men’s grooming techniques is also in favour of shaving legs hairs. He admitted that he himself uses a razor once a week to cut down the legs hairs.

Before conclusion, I would like to cover the biggest myth.

Myth:- Shaving make hair grow faster and thicker on legs.

did you think men shave their legs?, buildingmens
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This is the stupid myth that I’ve heard around 100 times from men that “they don’t cut hairs from their arms and legs. when I ask why?

They reply “because it will grow back thicker, longer and dense”

Guys, we are in the 21st century, don’t listen to these types of stereotypes. I will make you clear.

  • If someone shaves his legs and after few weeks or month the hairs start regrowing back, sometimes there is a change in hormones in our body during that period of regrowth and due to that change in our hormones, the growth is increased. But we people think that it’s because of shaving hairs.
  • Let’s take an eg. Women shave their legs daily if the myth was true they will become gorillas if the hairs coming back thicker and darker.

“People are just not very good observers, but there’s just no science behind hair growing back thicker,” says Amy McMichael, chair of the Department of Dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Conclusion :

After so much research, I want to say shaving legs depends upon men to men. If you are a swimmer or go to the gym every day I will suggest you all shave your legs. You look more muscular as well as it’s easy for you to look at the exact definition of muscle.

If you want a general opinion I will suggest you guys trim your legs instead of shaving them. Because trimming doesn’t clean your hairs, it just cut the upper layer of hairs and you can get that manly look which women like.

But, after all at the end, how comfortable you’re with yourself is what that matters.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask in comments.

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