How To Accept Compliment Like Alpha Men | Audio Guide

How To Accept Compliment Like Alpha Men | Audio Guide

How To Accept Compliment?

How To Reply Back To Compliment?

How To Accept Compliment Like Real Men?

Accepting a compliment is a talent which everyone of us must have.

All these questions are going to to be answered in this Audio Blog.

Audio : How To Accept A Compliment

If you are following buildingmens for long i bet you are used to compliments.

But the fact is that many of us don’t know how to accept the compliment in genuine way or like a alpha male we called.

In audio i ask my friends who has full reasearch about accepting a compliment and even tried to follow the rules in pratical.

Because execution is most important thing.

Basic Mistakes while Accepting A Compliment

1.Lack of Confidence:

Lack of confidence is one of the biggest mistake we all do.

Not while accepting a compliment even in every term of your this thing will downgrade you.

We not genuily believe in ourself that what we actually are.

so you have to increase your confidence and attitude to accept yourself that you are awesome.

Always remember these three words


Look yourself into the mirror and pronouce these words repeatedly.

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Instant Reply

What we mostly do when someone compliment us is by replying instantly.

for eg. Me and Gary is having conversation and i told gary that your shoes collection is nice.

And gary replies me that you also have great collection of shoes.

But the reality is i don’t have nice shoes collection.

The main point is there is no law that you have to reply back with a compliment to the same person who complimented you.

Don’t fake

Perfect Way To Accept The Compliment

The exact way to accept the compliment is by giving a little bit smile with Thanks.

A smile is great indication that you accept what other person compliments to you.

saying Thanks is indication of respect and it shows you like the compliment and also tells about open attitude.

With genuine smile and say thanks.

So this is all about accepting a compliment.



1. Don’t Reply Instantly

2. Don’t Fake others


Reply back saying thanks with genuine smile.


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