15 Best Sunscreen For Men In India | Shocking Truth

15 Best Sunscreen For Men In India | Shocking Truth

15 Best Sunscreen For Men In India | Shocking Truth

Summers are around the corner and one cream that must be the part of the daily cosmetic kit is Sunscreen. We know the sun is the source of energy on this planet. But exposure to the harmful ultraviolet raise may lead :

· Sunburn

· Tanning

· Premature ageing

· Some cases even skin cancer

So the use of sunscreen is very much important in our daily life cosmetics, especially if we are prolonged to sun rays for a long time in a day.

But the reality is the sunscreen available In the market are full of chemicals and very much toxic which can damage our skin.

Today sunscreen companies are using harmful chemicals like Oxybenzone, Parabenz, Mineral Oil, BHT and many others which not only damage the skin but also completely stop the absorption of vitamin D in our body which is very much necessary for our body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what option we have, we want the sunscreen free from chemicals and doesn’t completely stop the absorption of the vitamin D.

So which sunscreen is best for us?

I have listed around  15 sunscreens which are mostly used by Indians but the shocking truth is the companies which try to create more trust are more harmful for us.I have listed out all the sunscreen in three categories on the basis of the number of chemicals present in them.

Category 1- Worst Sunscreens

This category includes sunscreen like VLCC, Lakme, Lotus, Joy, Garnier, Nivea and Vaseline.


These sunscreens companies contain around 8 to 10 chemicals in them.

Many of the used chemicals in these products can affect the thyroid gland and some have the ability to absorb in the tissue cells of the skin.

These are the worst sunscreen in the market.

If you are using anyone from them so please it’s a humble request try to change your sunscreen because these sunscreens are not even worth for your hard earned money.

Category 2-Not Trusted Full Companies

This category includes sunscreen by Patanjali, Biotique.not trust full companies

These two companies try to act as a completely ayurvedic but the truth is they again try to fool us as I mentioned in my previous article which is based upon facewash.

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The Biotique company only mentioned 30% of its ingredients but not try to disclose others ones.

So why are they not disclosing there 70 % of the ingredients?

If we consider Patanjali it is even worse than Biotque because it only mentioned 5 % of its ingredients and rest is considered under base material which contains urea and other chemicals.

So we can’t trust them whether they are right or wrong.

So-called ayurvedic.

· Only 5-30% ingredients mentioned

· We can’t trust them.

· Have some toxic chemicals

· Have fragrances.

Do you know what this SPF mean on these sunscreens?

SPF denotes “Sun Protection Factor”. The number denotes how much protection that sunscreen provides as compare to no sunscreen on the skin.

For eg. If your skin burns after 10 min in a full sun and if you apply that sunscreen which is SPF 30 it will provide you 30 times more longer protection means protection for 300 minutes ( 5hours).

So this is what that a number denotes on sunscreen.

But is there a sunscreen in the Indian market that provides you with real protection without harming your skin.

Yes, there are some companies which make there product best.

Category 3- Best Sunscreen

This is the best category which includes companies like Aroma Magic, Lass Natural, Green Berry organic are all free from toxic chemicals.best sunscreen for men

Some of us even don’t know about the existence of these companies but the truth is these companies are best.

Aroma magic is 100% free from chemicals and also cheap in price and suitable for skin types.

Lass Natural is also budget friendly.


Same with Green Berry which contains modern ingredients and also free from chemicals.

These sunscreens are best for your skin and you can trust them blindly.

I have mentioned the links of all these sunscreens if you want to buy u can visit their sites.



So friends that all the truth is revealed now you can clearly see the difference between the worst and the best one.

So change your sunscreens if you are using from the above two categories and try to buy any sunscreen from the third category.

If you still have doubts feel free to ask in comments.

NoteNone of the products is sponsored in this article and all these viewed are based upon my own personal experience.

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