Time To Take To Reply Back Someone Audioblog

Time To Take To Reply Back Someone Audioblog

How Much Time To Take To Reply Back Someone

We are back with another podcast where we talk about the art of texting and talk about time to take to reply back someone.

so here is what we talk about :

welcome to Buildingmens.com.
today we are going to talk about
how much to take to reply back to someone.
-everything in this world is relative
we should reply back relative to the time they took to reply us back
like if they took 10 minutes to reply us back we should take approx 10 min it shouldn’t be like exact to the time but it should be approx to that time.

we also want to know that if we have to retain our importance to the person we are texting at that time, time limit matters or not.
yes it really matters if we reply someone back instantly then they take us for granted they think like we are always available for them and we lose our importance
but in cases like when we texting our parents or maybe your best friends or maybe you are discussing something important about your life or something important to you it is an exception…..

so Above all is what we discuss in the podcast.

There is a need to understand that we all do texting all day but no one knows the basic Do’s and Don’ts.

We need to grab all those tips and trick so that we master the art of texting.

In the podcast, the key point is how time difference of seconds changes someone opinion.

We make sure that no one takes us granted.

We have to retain or importance.

But we make sure that all these rules discussed in the podcast do not cover your majors.

Like your parents, best friends, and someone you love the most.

All these tips are for those who you met for the first time or someone about whom you are not too much interacted.


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