How To Wear Suspender – Men Style Guide

How To Wear Suspender – Men Style Guide

How To Wear Suspender – Men Style Guide

The suspender is one of the most essential wardrobes that every man must have. It was used as the main accessory by the times of the 1800s before the invention of belts but still today many men fashion model make the best and unique outfit by wearing suspender. Suspender will add a spice to your casual clothing and make you stand out in the crowd. But the most important point is how to wear suspender?

What the use of suspender?

The main purpose of suspender is to tuck the pant same like today every one of us is using belts.

so again the question arises which is best?

Belts vs suspender

The suspender is best if we compare with the belt.

There is simple scientific logic that gravitational pull act downward and suspender tries to act against the gravitational pull and help to hold pants on the desired position.

But if compare belt with suspender it will not too much effective and sometimes pants fall down when we move too much from the waist.

Benefits Of Wearing Suspender

Your Legs look longer

how to wear suspender

There is very interesting psychology works here if we compare the same person wearing a belt and suspender having the same length of pants, we find that wearing suspender creates an illusion of longer legs.

It will help short men to look longer and give a boost to outfit.

You Stand Alone In The Crowd

how to wear suspender

Today we all want to look attractive by using new trends and accessories.

When you wear suspender today you will look apart from others and unique which will be eye catchy for others and you can grab more attention which every one of us likes.

When And How to wear suspender?

Before understanding how to wear suspender you must clear with yourself that when to wear suspender with what. what matter the most is how to you are using fashion accessories. so here is the best video below I find on youtube which can help you clearly to know which suspender to wear when and how to wear suspender correctly.


Types Of Suspender

There are mostly two types of suspender :

Button On Suspender

how to wear suspender

This suspender is mostly wearable with suits because the pants we wear with suits contains buttons, especially for suspender. Button suspender gives you more look as compare to other suspenders.

Clip-On Suspender

how to wear suspender

Clip attachment suspender is mostly wearable with jeans. The reason being we don’t have the button on jeans so clip suspender are more suitable and you can attach with any other pants without worried about buttons. They are more suitable for a casual look and you even try clip-on suspender with shorts.

Can you wear suspender with belts?

Many times this question is asked how to wear suspender with belts ? or can we wear suspender with belts?

The simple answer is no because both suspender and belts do the same work so there should be no confusion of wearing both of them together.


so here is the full guide on how to wear suspender and a simple easy way to give a boost to your outfit.

If you have some others doubts about how to wear suspender or you want to suggest us some other ways to wear suspender in another way, feel free to ask and suggestions in comments.

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