How To Attract Your Love ? | 4 Alpha Male Mantras

How To Attract Your Love ? | 4 Alpha Male Mantras

How To Attract Your Love? | 4 Alpha Male Mantras

Are you in love with someone? Or want to be that person who so ever you talk to you become yours. If yes you are in right place. Today I am going to tell you about those powerful skills and must do things to attract your love or whom you want to be the part of that person life. Actually, there is no definition of love in real life. But you can try these tips to attract your love or maybe your probability will increase by following these tips.

So let’s get started

Mantra #1- Better Communication Skills

better communication skill to attract someone

We all know communication skills are the most important things but did you actually know the real meaning of these skills and how to use them.

Let me give you a situation where you want to talk to someone at first. So what’s your topic to start the conversation?

Sadly many of the guys fail in this situation. For eg. You have a girlfriend you text her “Today I am very happy because I won a writing competition’’ and she replies “ooh’’. Don’t you think so her reply was not satisfying as compare to your joy? Of course yes you are not happy with her reply. So the conflict may arise.

So what things you do if you have good communication skills.

  •  By reading the mindset of the other person which is the most important thing to do.If we don’t know what the person wants from us how we can create a successful conversation.
  • But now the question arises how to read the mind of another person, don’t worry I will not tell you to read psychology books. The answer is:

Observation Power: Observe The Other Person

You have to observe that why that person wants to talk with you. The very first you have to do is listen to the other person calmly with little bit patience what other person want to tell you and then reply by understanding the situation.

  •  Important tip:- Never ever argue in conversation. I mean never, a person who argues with us has very poor communication skill.
  • Must watch video

Mantra #2- Well Groomed

1. Beard:

beard men
©shahid Kapoor

Today everyone wants a beard by looking at some of the Instagram models but few knew that not only beard will work. Grooming the well-matured beard with beard oil and shampoo is the key to look sexy. You have to take care of your beard like you care for your hairstyle.

2.  Hairstyle:

hairstyle for men
© Mariano di Vaio

Did you know 70% of the look matters upon hairs? But many of us didn’t bother about hairstyle even people are not aware of how to choose the right style according to their face type. Make sure you set your hairstyle according to your face type, not every hairstyle will work for you.

3.  Smell Good:

Women are mostly attracted to those men who smell nice but the natural smell is most important which can be maintained by good hygiene. Regular use of deodorant is necessary during the workout and while playing sports.

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Another most important thing is the use of perfumes which is mostly neglected by men because we think that the only deodorant is enough but it’s not true. After lots of surveys, it was found that most of the woman are attracted towards perfume instead of deodorants because of the sexy smell of perfumes.

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Mantra#3- Physically Fit

physically fit men
© Jeff Seid

You don’t have to be gym freak or bodybuilder but physical fitness plays a very important role in-person appearance. I have been gone through many sites and videos to check out the most attractive part of the men physic is arms and chest. These two muscle outlook men body.

If you have nice arms and chest you have better clothing fitting which I think every girl should like.

Mantra #4- Body Language

Body language is the first impression that we make in front of anyone during the conversation. Even we are not speaking but 80% of our body language says it all.

1.   Smile:

attract a girl with smile
© Pinterest

A killer smile can attract, look world sexiest man “Tom Cruise” he has a killing smile.

A smile gives you a positive indication of being loved and sometimes we feel comfortable while talking to those who always smile.

But smile with purpose is most important means first understand the situation and give real smile.

But today everyone knows how to give fake smile. It will work twice, thrice but after some time the other person will understand the that you are fake and no one like fake people.

2.   Eye Contact:

eye contact to attract a girl
© Pinterest

Many of us sometimes avoid eye contact while talking to a girl but according to scientific research.

Women are mostly attracted to those men who look them in their eyes. But there is a proper way to look in the eyes.

3.   Posture:

confident posture to attract girl
© Pinterest

We all know confidence is one of the best lady killers. The way to you stand in front of that person defines your thoughts.

So here the best trick to I learnt from site “art of charm”.


1.    Stand in front of your bathroom mirror

2.    Stand up as straight as you can, as if there’s a string pulling at the top of your head.

3.    Relax your arms and shoulders

4.    Close your eyes

5.    Remember what standing like this feels like

I tried it myself and it will work for me. Make sure you try once.


so the final conclusion can be concluded in a few lines.

The first most important thing is better communication skills.

A second key point is a well-groomed man.

The third point is to be a fit guy.

Last but not least is your body language.


So my friends here are the best 4 mantras, I tried my best to cover each and every topic in this article.

If you still have suggestions and have any questions feel free to ask in comments.


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