Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey Protein: Review

Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey Protein: Review

Bigmuscle Nutrition Crude Whey Protein: Review

One Of the biggest thing that each and everyone one of us needs is whey protein, especially the affordable one and the best one which provides us a great result. In this article, we are going to review bigmuscles nutrition crude whey protein review.

Which strike in the very competitive market with unexpected price and great labelled nutrition facts, which were unbelievable to expect.


Bigmuscles Nutrition crude whey is very much famous among athlete and they authenticate their each and every product deeply.

let’s Get Into deep and flourish the truth and reveal its review.

Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey Type

Bigmuscles nutrition Crude whey protein concentrate sourced from Glanbia Nutritionals USA.

Most of the whey protein gets sourced from Glanbia.

This protein is sourced from the USA and big muscle ensure 100% quality.

Well, this is whey protein concentrate which is not as good as isolate but if you beginner and you want affordable whey protein to go for whey protein concentrate.

This Product got AVANLOC trademark of Glanbia Nutritionals the USA.

which ensure that product is 100% and ready to use, mix and up to the mark according to their standards.

Nutritional Facts In Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude whey

Nutritional Facts Of Bigmucles Nutrition Crude whey
Source: Amazon Product Page

Most eye catchy that every one of us talks about is nutritional fact.

Well, this is the key factor after price that every one of us is curious and want to know.

Serving size is 33g/ Scoop

Below table nutritional facts are per serving the amount.

Protein24 g
Total Fat1.5 g
Saturated Fat0.5 g
Trans Fat.02 g
Total Carbohydrate6 g

Well, nutritional facts are up to the mark as compare to price.

The company claims that it doesn’t contain any preservatives and its totally natural.

Main Ingredients

Well, Ingredients are super important to consider, ingredients define which important things the whey protein is made of.

The two main ingredients are

Well, the first ingredient is good having 84% of whey protein concentrate is great.

But the problem arises when with the second ingredient i.e Maltodextrin.

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a white powder, used as a food additive in the supplement which is produced from corn, rice, potato or wheat.

And after highly processing it came out in a white powder form.

Well, it’s a very common additive used in many packed foods.

But is it safe for you? Do you need to avoid it?

Let’s first talk about why big muscle nutrition use Maltodextrin?

Why Maltodextrin Is Used?

It is mostly used to increase the volume of product and thickener.

And sometimes it is combined with artificial sweeteners to increase sweetness and that’s why you will find bug muscle crude whey is a little bit of sweet in taste.

The main reason the company uses Maltodextrin is to reduce cost because it’s very cheap and you can easily increase the amount of product without increasing the price.

Is Maltodextrin Harmful For You?

The problem with this additive is that it contains very high calorie around 4 calories per gram.

And per serving a scoop of big muscle crude whey protein contain around 6g of Maltodextrin in it

Means 24 calories per serving, which is very much high for someone who is diabetes patients.

So if you are someone who is prone to diabetes, say no to this protein.

Well in some researches it’s found that Maltodextrin helps you to increase insulin level.

And after the workout, you need to level up your insulin level to muscle up great muscles.

Point is clear if you are someone prone to diabetes says No.

And if you are not and you just simply want to consume this whey protein go for post-workout.

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Value For Money

Yes, its value for money, if you do simple mathematics and check the price of per serving, it will cost around Rs 25, Which is fair enough and no one else can compete in the market as compare to price.

Providing These Type Of Nutritional facts at this is hard to compete.

Well, there are some flaws that we can discuss more the maltodextrin and carbs within it.

But Still, this protein is totally value for money and especially for those students who are not able to manage the supplement just because of price.


Mixability is also one of the important factors that we consider while purchasing a new whey protein powder.

But most of the whey protein lags in this thing and didn’t up to the mark.

But thankfully bigmuscles nutrition crude whey has great mixability. I Shake for 10 seconds with shaker ball in a shaker and I didn’t get even a single lump of protein in it.

Make sure you use spring ball with shaker because bit helps to shake the protein well and don’t allow any lumps of protein in it.

I will give 5/5 in terms of mixability test.


Well, the taste is also a crucial point when you have your whey protein in your daily diet.

But bigmuscles nutrition crude whey is unflavored whey protein, totally natural and doesn’t contain any flavour in it.

Taste seems Lil bit like milk powder and if you are someone who never ever have an unflavored protein might not like the taste.

The concept is simple, they kept the whey unflavored to decrease the cost of production so that we pay less and have an affordable whey protein.

In terms of the taste test, I will give 3/5.

Tip – You can use any extra flavour syrup or use this whey protein in protein shake by adding naturally flavoured products.

On my side, I use chocolate syrup and this thing helps me to make my unflavored protein into flavoured.

But make sure you choose the product which doesn’t contain large calories because adding too many calories with whey protein might cause slow digestion process which we mostly not consider as a good point while taking whey protein.


Farelab Report of bigmuscles crude whey protein.
Source From

One Of the most important key points is quality.

In India, there is too much problem of quality in terms of whey protein and it’s hard to assure the right quality of whey protein.

But big muscle plays a great role in terms of assuring quality and even provide the test report from Farelabs.

Farelabs assured the sample of the product as a genuine one and assure the amount of whey protein and ingredients present in it.

Sometimes it’s hard to assure the quality when get our product delivered.

We sometimes have doubts regarding the seller and not confident about that the product is real one or not.

But you can authenticate the quality of big muscle nutrition easily in few steps.

How to Authenticate Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey Protein?

How To Authenticate product
Source: Amazon Product Page

You can easily authenticate the quality of brand by following steps. Just follow the steps once you received the product.

  1. First You Need To Download An App: Let’s Verify.

    just go on google play store or if you are ios user search on apple play store. Download the app

  2. Search For The Smart Label On Your Product That You Want To Verify.

    Check there is bar code available on your product for the authentication process.

  3. Scan The Bar Using Let’s Verify App

    After you can it will ask for the 5 digit pin, that you need to scratch on the product. Simply enter the 5 digit code and you will see verified.


Yes, go for bigmuscles nutrition crude whey protein. I genuily use the product and didn’t face any lags in it, and true be honest with you guys this protein give me results and it’s as effective as some other whey protein.

For those who are diabetic patient and for those who are on fat loose plan may not go with this one because of that maltodextrin.

Those calories are not good for you and may be that food additive will hinder your result if you are following any fat loss plan.

If you use the product or thinking to purchase it and have any doubts or any queries just let me know in the comments.

And please who use this product please share your views and results in comment section.

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