8 Best Men’s Shoes Guide For Gentlemen | Professional Guide
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8 Best Men’s Shoes Guide For Gentlemen | Professional Guide

8 Best Men’s Shoe Guide For Gentlemen | Professional Guide

Shoes make the sole of the man.

The whole personality and outfit of a person goes to a whole different level when he wears an appropriate style of shoes with it. Most of the people don’t even know about the category of the shoe they are wearing. And here we are to guide you about your footwear and take your fashion sense to the next level.

So here we go for 8 major shoe types:


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One of the most trendy and classy shoe types is the Chelsea. The recommendation for the casual look is to wear it with skinny jeans as it will let you show your shoes. But you can also wear it with straight fit jeans or trousers which might cover up the high neck of your shoes but it will give you a classier look♠.


monk strap by buildingmens
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Monk strap shoes are the trending ones these days. They add up a gentleman look to your style. Add it up to your collection for your suits and it is not just limited to suits, add it to your casual outfit to get an attractive look and be the different one in the room.


full brogue buildingmens
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These are the most attractive and classy shoes in my personal accordance’s. This shoe is a must-have in your collection. You can wear it on a regular day or at a party. This one is a worth every penny category of shoes. Brogues have categories according to its extent of the pattern on it. The full brogue style is called wing tip.

loafer guide by buildingmens

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And here comes the most comfortable yet evergreen category of shoes. Most of the people don’t know about loafers. It’s not of a single kind. There are 9 kinds of loafers for you for every outfit which I will discuss in my future blog. Since then you should know that loafers are the general shoes every stylish person should have in their collection.


derby by buildingmesn
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The derby shoe came in trend from the 1850s and is working till now. It is not as trendy as Chelsea, Monk Strap, Brogue these days but still, it is a good pair of shoes to have. In this, the laces are made on a separate piece of leather (or any shoe material) which is not stitched to the main shoe from the mid portion on the top of the shoe.

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derby for men
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The Oxford and Derby appear to be the same but the major difference is the stitching as shown in the picture. Although they both have their own different place. And now you know the difference between the Oxford and Derby.


desert shoes by buildingmens
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Desert shoes are recommended to be worn with jeans to get the best look out of these Or chinos will be a good option to wear with these shoes. They are more up for the casual look base and can give you a vibrant look.


boat shoes for men
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Boat shoes are generally a type of loafers but they have a great scale of existence, that is why i needed to show it as a category which it is not. These are comfortable ones to wear on a regular basis to get a genuine look. Wear it with the jeans or chinos to get the best out of it. Remember, its a type of loafers.

So these are the shoe types you should know about to take your style to the next level. I bet most of you won’t be knowing all the types perfectly. By reading this article you have got the perfect guidance for the shoes. For any inquiries or if you want us to make an article about anything, make sure you comment about it.

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