5 Best Tips By Arnold Schwarzenegger | Ultimate Legend
Arnold Schwarzenegger

5 Best Tips By Arnold Schwarzenegger | Ultimate Legend

5 Best Tips By Arnold Schwarzenegger | Ultimate Legend

I think every one of you heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only in bodybuilding he is a Governor of California and Mr. universe. Arnold Schwarzenegger also steps up in Hollywood and done a tremendous work in Terminator, Special Force Commando and much more great movies.

so here are the best tips by the true legend.

1. Work On Your Weakness

Sometimes we ignore our weakness and didn’t bother too much about that thing. But according to him, the great person is that who turns his weakness into a strength. Try to figure out what is your weakness and try to strengthen by doing hard work.


Arnold famously cut off the leg pants of his pants and wear shorts always to remind himself about his weakness. He has weak calves and every day he watch himself so that he can redouble his effort to grow his calves.

so this is how legend works. According to him, we all are limitless it is good to do work in which we are not good at.

2. Find Your Vision And Follow It

Think like you have the best plane in the world but if you don’t have the vision or don’t know where to go there is no benefit of that plane.

So always have a vision and follow it you will definitely find the goal in your life.


when the second world war started Arnold was born in Austria. Unfortunately, Austria got defeated by Germany and the country was in depression and difficult economic situations. so at that time, Arnold aim was to reach America. So he gets motivated, sketch a vision and gets into bodybuilding so that he might get the PR of America.

3. Never Ever Think Small

Arnold not only want to be the star of Bodybuilding. He always wanted to be in movies and to be an actor. According to him, Big things can’t happen by luck. Person limitations are based upon his thinking. If you think big then you can achieve big.

4. Ignore The Naysayers

Words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I think it is natural you have big dreams and big Visions and people around you say you can’t achieve that thing. sometimes some people lose those spirit and energy, so you have to ignore the naysayers”.


After winning so many titles in bodybuilding Arnold wants to be world champion and actor in movies. He himself went to so many movie directors but he was rejected and sometimes they make fun of him and said:” look at yourself you are a giant, you are like monster how to perform the leading role in movies”. He was not able to speak English in a perfect accent. But by doing so much of hard work he proved everyone wrong.

5. Work Your Ass off

You never fail if you work hard. sometimes not earlier but you will win the game at last. No Pain No Gain.


when Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the United States he workout 5 hours a day and at the same time he was managing a constructing business and also he also went to college and he also went for acting classes from 8 pm to 12 midnight. Work as much as you can.

The Great Legend is always inspiration for all of us.



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